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Tag was last used: Jul 9, 2013
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  Accessibility: creating a more inclusive learning, work, and living environment

Submitted By:   aasiya
Committers:  87
Date Created:  2008-07-12
Description:   Ever wondered what it may be like to live in a world not designed for you? This is the reality for many persons with disabilities facing issues of accessibility in the workplace and learning environment. Issues like being penalized for having to take time off for a medical disability, or facing the stigma of a learning disability, or having trouble accessing ramps, elevators, materials in braille, sign language interpreters, transcription and captioning, adaptive technology, and more. However, these issues aren't just confined to school or work. They also affect how we live, from transportation, to libraries, to shopping centers, to entertainment. (e.g. public transit, narrow isles in libraries and stores, the lack of closed-captioning and adaptable seating in theaters/stadiums, etc) Let's join the movement in becoming more informed about disability issues. Let's commit to ensuring that no one faces barriers to accessing the basic human right of education and equitable employment. Let's commit to striving for a more inclusive living environment in general, for all... be this in a bus, grocery store, stadium, theater, office, playground, or lecture hall.
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