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Items tagged with: efficiency
Tag was last used: Oct 9, 2012
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Posted On:  Nov 5, 2011

  Jitters abound as the euro-zone faces uncertainty

Keeble McFarlane     While it is one of the centres of world civilisation, Europe has also been the crucible of some of the worst abuses of human beings. From the early days in the dim, dark, misty past, Europeans have spent as much time killing each other...... [view]

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Posted On:  Jan 24, 2011

  Ко мне ты раньше по ночам являлся

Ко мне ты раньше по ночам являлся. Как вор последний ночью приходил. Во все обличья перевоплощался, Спокойно так со мною говорил. .... читать далее Ко мне ты раньше по ночам являлся ... [view]

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Posted On:  Jun 28, 2010

  Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC): Regional productivity is about half its potential, says economist

Regional productivity is about half its potential, says economist By Alicia Roache Sunday Finance reporter roachea@jamaicaobserver.com: Economist Dr Peter John Gordon says low productivity within countries of Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) is caused primarily by a misallocation of...... [view]

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Posted On:  May 13, 2010

  Caribbean Region needs urgent help pushing renewable energy

caribbean360: CHARLESTOWN, Nevis, Thursday May 13, 2010 – The Caribbean is need of urgent support from countries who have become leaders in wind energy to make renewable energy visions a reality. That’s the view of Natural Resources and Public Utilities Minister in the Nevis Island...... [view]

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Posted On:  Mar 20, 2009

  Reducing CLICO staff seeks to conserve needed cash, says Guyana Commissioner of Insurance

GEORGETOWN, Guyana (GINA): In an invited comment Thursday in response to media reports that CLICO Guyana workers have been sent home and the Lamaha Street offices of the company has been closed, Commissioner of Insurance and Judicial Manager of CLICO Guyana, Maria van Beek, stressed that the...... [view]

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Posted On:  Dec 23, 2008

  It's Official: We're Just a Few Years from Peak Oil

By George Monbiot, Monbiot.com: Can you think of a major threat for which the British government does not prepare? It employs an army of civil servants, spooks and consultants to assess the chances of terrorist attacks, financial collapse, floods, epidemics, even asteroid strikes, and to...... [view]

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Organizations // Events

  GreenLearning Canada

Submitted By:   
Website:  http://www.greenlearning.ca
E-mail:  beckie@greenlearning.ca
  Vision:   GreenLearning Canada envisions a generation of young Canadians who are enabled and inspired to actively create a sustainable and just world. GreenLearning Canada creates innovative teaching resources and other rich......

  EUforIA - Europeans United for Informed Action

Submitted By:   
Website:  http://www.euforiaction.org
E-mail:  contact@euforiaction.org
  Vision:   Europeans United for Informed Action is an independent, non-profit youth organization initiated by students from France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Switzerland. Tailored exactly to the needs of our generation, our......
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Take Action Take Action

  ECO Ad Mashup

Date Created:  Dec 29, 2009
Description:   Get your design seen all around Singapore! ECO Singapore is creating an advertising campaign to promote energy efficiency and we need YOU to design the campaign. ECO Singapore is calling for the...
Goals:   To spur more businesses to undertake initiatives to reduce their energy footprint and save money at the same time.
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