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Items tagged with: facilitation
Tag was last used: Nov 30, 2012
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Posted On:  Jan 24, 2011

  Установка kloxo на дешёвый vps

Дешёвый VPS ( virtual private server ) whynotavps – дешёвый vps хостинг 256 mb RAM  11 gb Space  – от $5.95 Средний хостинг c 5-10 гигабайтами места, с 5-20 гигабайтами трафика в месяц ( если безлимитный траф, то врут с надеждой, что не будет использоваться больше 10...... [view]

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Posted On:  May 31, 2008

  Social Media and The Speed of Trust

Last month, on separate occasions, I met two friends that I had previously only communicated with via blogs and social networking sites (and maybe the occasional e-mail). Although I knew each of them of them for some time, it was our first "in-person" meeting. When we finally met, there...... [view]

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Posted On:  May 22, 2008

  Holy Grail of OST

Open Space Technology (OST) , the ultimate collaboratively method that just simply work, works, works. It is exactly that passionate type of discussion that you have with your colleges next to the water fountain about what needs to be improved. Over the years our organization have been...... [view]

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Posted On:  Jun 12, 2007

  Overclocking the Social Computing chip

If you follow this blog, you will know my thoughts on the powerful potential for companies that adopt social computing into their organization. You would also know that application of social computing is much more than simply putting in some cool web 2.0 technologies behind the firewall. The goal...... [view]

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Posted On:  Sep 12, 2007

  Web 2.0 an evolution of facilitation and not KM?

I recently had the pleasure to chat with David Ticoll on a variety of topics. One of the observations he made during our discussion was the concept that Web 2.0, may be the evolution of facilitation and not knowledge management as many people believe. Within the company I work for, we...... [view]

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Posted On:  Sep 24, 2007

  When self-organization fails

I had an interesting discussion with my friend Peter the other day about when social computing may be less effecting or perhaps inappropriate completely. One of the items touched on was the concept around self-organization . In situations, where you are looking for the passionate, motivated...... [view]

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Event Date:  Jun 15, 2013
Event Location:  Johns Hopkins SAIS Bologna Center

2013 Bologna, Italy Symposium on Conflict Prevention, Resolution, & Reconciliation

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Event Date:  Feb 17, 2011 & Time: 9:00 AM-24:30 PM
Event Location:  TSNE's NonProfit Center

Advanced Facilitation: Conducting Artful Conversations and Meetings

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