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Tags are one word descriptors, used to mark any content on the site for easy searching later. The best tags are ones that describe the content in a single word, and are common enough that people can easily search for specific content relating to that single word. Any item can have more then one tag and are split by commas.

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Tag was last used: Jul 29, 2013
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Posted On:  Feb 23, 2013

  Jamaica: ...Important black history

By Peter Espeut: In 1995, we celebrated the 150th anniversary of the first arrival in Jamaica of East Indians at Old Harbour Bay; and more or less every year on May 10 (the date of their first landing in 1845), there is a re-enactment in Old Harbour Bay of their arrival by...... [view]

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Posted On:  Feb 11, 2012

  Online Environmental Activism: A Catalyst for Change?

Are you searching for a way to help save the planet and incorporate it into your daily routine? Look no further! Today I am going to be writing about activism websites. Although all of us are here on TakingITGlobal, two other handy sites to bookmark are The...... [view]

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Posted On:  Aug 16, 2007

  Jordan: Rights Groups to Visit Intelligence Agency Prison

Jordan: Rights Groups to Visit Intelligence Agency Prison First Visit by Independent Experts http://hrw.org/doc?t=mideast&c=jordan (Amman, August 15, 2007) – The Jordanian intelligence agency has agreed to allow independent human rights monitoring organizations to visit prisoners at its...... [view]

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  Jerusalem2020j2Learning Club Projec Learning Club

Submitted By:   
Website:  http://wikumentary.net/tiki-index.php?page=UserPageJerusalem2020J2IL
Phone:  614-208-1247
E-mail:  brendasmithharley@yahoo.com
  Vision:   Lead & Get Others involved,Being a good leader, and knowing how to leverage the strengths of others. Networking,identifying the issues I'm most interested in,taking action on goals I can work towards. WhenI have my plan,......

  Onyx Mulit-Services Center

Submitted By:   
Website:  http://www.onyxmsc.com
Phone:  213-718-2107
E-mail:  onyxmsc@yahoo.com
  Vision:   Providing the community with the services and information they need to grow. We will listen to the community needs and do our best to provide the services they are asking for in hope to help them to grow with the knowledge......

  AYM Group - Afghan Youth Mastermind Group

Submitted By:   
Website:  http://www.AYMGroup.org
Phone:  416-886-1263
E-mail:  info@aymgroup.org
  Vision:    Afghan Youth Mastermind Group identifies,shares and facilitates Afghan Youth intellectual resources and assets around the globe including skills,expertises, knowledge,interests,talents and experiences. And matches them......
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