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Items tagged with: security
Tag was last used: Aug 26, 2014
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Submitted By:   
Website:  http://www101.org/
E-mail:  chessy2165@yahoo.com
  Vision:   To promote a safe and productive web through basic pc/web instruction. Pointers for reducing negative web content through secure browsing, shopping, system input, communication, networking, and system maintenance habits.......


Submitted By:   
Website:  http://www.acopea.org/
E-mail:  info@acopea.org
  Vision:   ACOPEA 's mission is to promote African Child Online welfare through Education & Awareness. ACOPEA’s vision is that we want all our children to live, grow, achieve and exceed in life. We have a number of years of......

  WPE(Wild Planet Ecoproject)

Submitted By:   
Website:  http://www.wildplanetecoproject.org
Phone:  +237 74 77 12 85
E-mail:  seta@ecoproject.info
  Vision:   WPE is a registered Organisation in Cameroon.Our vision is to protect the endangered flora and fauna and to limit all sought of pollutions.As a result winning the fight againts climate change and global warming thereby......

  Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies (MIGS)

Submitted By:   
Website:  http://migs.concordia.ca/index.html
Phone:  514-848-2424
E-mail:  crons0007@gmail.com
  Vision:   MIGS' work is cutting edge. Peace and conflict resolution are its primary aims. The Institute seeks not only to uncover the underlying reasons for genocide and other crimes against humanity, but also to put forth concrete......

  Junior Information Systems Security Association

Submitted By:   
Website:  http://jr-issa.org
Phone:  852-9232
E-mail:  secretary@jr-issa.org
  Vision:   The organization envisions a community of ICT specialists who are well-rounded graduates and are professional in a sense; trained to be truthful and just, and abide with all the set standards and ethics of information......
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