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Tag was last used: Mar 13, 2015
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Posted By:  zephyr
Posted On:  Sep 15, 2013

  IMPERIAL CRUSADE AGAINST SYRIA: Without wars, power would not be power

By Oscar Sánchez Serra:   WHY is the United States attacking Syria?   Brazil, Russia – reborn as a superpower and an uncomfortable one – India and China – are emerging economies that are already acting as leaders on...... [view]

Posted By:  zephyr
Posted On:  Jul 25, 2012

  Jamaica: 50 years of pain

By Ramesh Sujanani, Jamaica Gleaner Contributor:   When I left high school in 1961, our Independence came the following year, and I recall Bustamante's victory over Manley, and the satisfaction and happiness that most Jamaicans felt. I was able to go to night school,...... [view]

Posted By:  Puninda
Posted On:  Jul 2, 2012

  International Day of Cooperatives - Their Importance and Purpose

The United Nations International Day of Cooperatives is celebrated on the first Saturday of July.  Since the formation of the International Co-operative Alliance in 1923; the day has a long history associated with international cooperation. Co-operatives are independent...... [view]

Posted By:  zephyr
Posted On:  Mar 4, 2012

  Jamaica: Reflections on Michael Manley, then and now

From  jamaicaobserver :     FORTY years after the People's National Party (PNP) took office in the general election of February 29, 1972, the policies and programmes pursued by Michael Manley continue to have resonance in a country still struggling to...... [view]

Posted By:  zephyr
Posted On:  Nov 10, 2011

  Examining the complications between cartels and Catholicism

by Zac Deibel, COHA Research Associate In the 1970s, grassroots movements seeking to instill principles of social justice, freedom for the oppressed, and equity under law through dogma and spirituality spread among Catholic priests, bishops, and laity throughout Latin America....... [view]

Posted By:  zephyr
Posted On:  May 20, 2011

  Chávez and the Arab Dictators

By Lance Selfa - Socialistworkers.org :   Venezuela's Hugo Chávez is respected as a left opponent of U.S. imperialism--but he is lending support to Middle East despots who are trying to suppress popular uprisings. WHEN THE revolution sweeping the Arab world...... [view]

Posted By:  zephyr
Posted On:  Apr 22, 2011

  Jewish hip hop! What is this?

By Rebecca Theodore: Labeled as one of the foremost musical forms of expression in helping to deal with minority needs in the US and the Caribbean, hip hop is now a global musical epidemic. While critics lament that hip hop incites crime, violence against women, and is a...... [view]

Posted By:  sarahtalcott
Posted On:  Jul 28, 2010

  Hope in the Face of Tragedy

Dear Global Youth peace warriors, Recently I participated in an inspiring gathering of youth leaders in the mountains of Colorado - with the intention of together building a movement called Generation Waking Up (shout out to Joshua Gorman and fellow Imaginal Soul Tribe members!) - to ignite a...... [view]

Posted By:  ejanver
Posted On:  Sep 8, 2009

  Climate Change

Climate change is not a new thing or story that we just beginning to hear now. It has been there and will continue to be there as long as we are not committed to change our attitudes towards mother Nature. Its a pity that with each coming day, we are continuing with emmitting poisonous gases, we...... [view]

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Browse Resources Browse Resources
Organizations // Events

  Synergized Earth Network

Submitted By:   ywhsia
Website:  http://www.synergizedearthnetwork.org
Phone:  +31 (0) 25688319
E-mail:  info@synergizedearthnetwork.org
  Vision:   Synergized Earth Network (SEN) is a global network uniting and facilitating leaders and change agents to tackle the most pressing social, economic and ecologic challenges of our time through committed action and sharing......

  Synergized Earth Network

Submitted By:   ywhsia
Website:  http://www.synergizedearthnetwork.org
Phone:  +31 (020) 568 8319
E-mail:  info@synergizedearthnetwork.org
  Vision:   Synergized Earth Network (SEN) is a value-driven and commitment-based organization that emerged throughout the years by the founders and community members striving to live our core values through developing, crystallizing......

  The Didi Society

Submitted By:   thedidisociety
Website:  http://www.thedidisociety.org
Phone:  2502177902
E-mail:  julia@thedidisociety.org
  Vision:   The Didi Society envisions a more fair, just and equitable world for all. Our vision is to create a space where people can cooperate to make the world a better place for all. This space will be used to educate and raise......

  Beit Zatoun (House of Olives)

Submitted By:   h7ala
Website:  http://beitzatoun.org
Phone:  647-726-9500
E-mail:  info@beitzatoun.org
  Vision:   Beit Zatoun , which means House of Olive (beit means house in both Arabic and Hebrew) is a culture and art venue providing gallery and performance space for the justice and human rights community in Toronto. It aims to......

  DILA - Day of Information for a Lifetime of Action

Submitted By:   CanadianThinker
Website:  http://www.betterworldtoday.org/
Phone:  6132277387
E-mail:  businesses@sfuo.ca
  Vision:   This initiative is intended to inform, inspire action and give you ways to initiate these ideas about positive social and environmental change into your own life. But it is also intended to make you think about new......

  Toronto Association for Learning & Preserving the History of WWII in Asia (ALPHA)

Submitted By:   escheng1
Website:  http://www.torontoalpha.org
Phone:  416-222-5742
E-mail:  info@torontoalpha.org
  Vision:   Vision: To achieve true peace and reconciliation built upon knowledge and understanding of the true history of World War II in Asia. Mission: To promote global awareness, knowledge and recognition of the history of WWII......

  Youth Volunteers for the Environment-Ghana

Submitted By:   kwadzitse
Phone:  +233244762021
E-mail:  yveghana@yahoo.com
  Vision:   To be a leading example of good environmental education Youth led group in Ghana and the empowerment of Youth through best environmental management practice by providing lasting success in dealing with the changing......


Submitted By:   thetom
Website:  http://www.sochange.ca
Phone:  519-803-6778
E-mail:  tom@sochange.ca
  Vision:   SoChange’s vision is to challenge the way people not only see the world, but also how they choose to invest their time and resources in it. We hope to inspire individuals and organizations to take heartfelt steps that......

  Vanier Education for All Project (VEFA)

Submitted By:   VanierCollege
Website:  http://www.vaniercollege.qc.ca/international-education
Phone:  514-744-7500 ext. 7858
E-mail:  international@vaniercollege.qc.ca
  Vision:   The goal of this project is to inspire, encourage and give students the opportunity to offer sustained support and take informed action on a wider scale pertaining to Canada’s participation in international cooperation.......

  Vanier AIDS Action in Africa (VAAA)

Submitted By:   VanierCollege
Website:  http://www.vaniercollege.qc.ca/international-education
Phone:  514-744-7500
E-mail:  international@vaniercollege.qc.ca
  Vision:   This project aims to empower students to be aware of, and involved in, the developmental issues Canada supports. Specifically, it focuses on the HIV/AIDS pandemic with emphasis on how it affects sub-Saharan Africa,......
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Take Action Take Action

  Global Ed. Working Group

Starter:   leslieintoronto
Date Created:  Jan 13, 2009
Country:  Canada
Description:   A collection of educators from across Ontario is collaborating to share ideas, resources and inspiration on topics of relevance to Global Education.
Goals:   To help educators improve their programs by working together instead of re-creating the wheel!
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